Welcome to the Landeswasserverbandstag Brandenburg e.V (LWT), the membership organisation for those who are involved in water- and waterlevel management. Since 1992 we represent 30 municipal special purpose unions and companies (watersupply and sewage water) as well as all 25 drainage boards in the country of Brandenburg (www.brandenburg.de).

From this site, detailed information can be found about the role of LWT along with its responsibilities and the actions it takes. If you wish to find information about a specific member of LWT, please select “Wasser- und Abwasser” or “Wasser- und Bodenverbände” from the Main Menu. There You will also find specific informations about the work we do, our board and further more items. In the “Archiv” you can also find reports and pictures of our public affairs activities as well as our pressinformations.
Please be patient for a short while, we are busy in translating most of our pages into the English language. If You like to require some more informations, do not hesitate to contact us by mail (info@lwt-brandenburg.de) or by phone (+49 172 4202040). And if You like to visit a drainage board or watersupply as well as sewagesite in Brandenburg: We are looking forward to be helpful to You.

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